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Nishant raj
Sep 29, 2021
In Repair :- General Discussion
PART NO - LA-C701P REV. 1.0 LAPTOP WORLD Testing: 1. 19v line mosfet switching ok 2. No Shorting found on any coil. 3. DC amp 0.280-0.290 4. All coils supply ok 5. RTC also OK I started checking first I checked all IC power good signals then checked all vs lines. I flashed new bios but same issue. I checked Bios with DSO also that also fine. Then I checked IO requirements. That was also ok When I checked RAM ic everythig was ok accept RAM VTT supply. (I did not remember that I checked it properly or my multimeter probe not touched properly) but I changed RAM IC and VTT supply Came out. but same condition no any amp variation. Then I checked DRAMRST# it was missing in mbd. I searched for pullup and it was found near CPU Backside. I replaced it from scrap mbd. but same condition no amp variation. at last I checked RAM DATA and Clock using DSO. Data was there but clock was missing. I took help from Satish Sir he told me to buypass the dual JFET (QC2) which was conneted to PCH_SMBCLK and DATA line. I removed the JFET and simply made jumper between from pin1 to pin6 and pin3 to pin4. JOB DONE I learned many things from this mbd I checked everything after successful repair and everything working good. LAPTOP WORLD BHAGALPUR support and co-operation. BY NISHANT
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Nishant raj

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